JRD Series

A powerful machine for all your bold ambitions.

Bigger volume. Sturdy design. Highest precision. JRD Series offers our most powerful 3D printers, designed to power your boldest ideas. It is made keeping the industrial requirements in mind. Industry-leading components are added to provide optimal performance individually and give the finest output working together. A highly precise movement system, aluminum build plate, powerful motherboard, substantial build space, high-temperature compatibility, and our widest filament support together push the boundaries of what is possible.

When One Pro

Meets the Other.

Unleash your creativity.

JRD Series is a powerhouse designed to create even the most complex designs simple. With industry-leading customer service, fully assembled delivery, and on-site training, adopting JRD printers is made even simpler.


Reduce Cost.

Maximize Efficiency.

For all types of
heavy users.

JRD Series offers our largest build volume yet. The build size of 300 x 300 x 300 mm is ideal for printing a wide variety of materials for a wide range of users. Build size such as 500 x 500 x 500 mm is available on request. Print prototypes, manufacturing aids, or final products with JRD Series printers.

No Headaches.Only Seamless Operations.

JRD Series printers are extremely simple to use. We also provide onsite training and 24/7 support. The different connectivity options give you the flexibility to print designs your way. Just send the file using WiFi and start the print or use a USB or an SD card when the internet’s not working. The touch display makes device interaction fun while making maintenance and setup easy.

Precision and Speed.

Print faster with remarkable accuracy. JRD Series printers come with dual extruders that print with XYZ accuracy of 0.1 mm and a printing speed of 100-130 mm/s. With dual extruders, you can use two filaments simultaneously, providing flexibility in color, material strength, and support structure.

A lot of filaments for a lot of creativity.

Different products. One printer. JRD Series printers are compatible with almost all types of filaments. So, no matter your aspirations, JRD Series is the right match. The supported filaments include PLA, ABS, ASA, PETG, Nylon, PC, HIPS, Carbon filled, and Wood Filled.

Sturdy Design. Strong Performance.

JRD Series sports an enclosed design with a metallic body that is equally robust and pleasing to watch. A constant temperature is maintained because of the enclosed structure, enhancing stability and precision. Its heated aluminum build plate is perfect for printing engineering products and provides a consistent surface finish. The build plate can support temperatures up to 150 degrees Celsius, making it suitable for even the intricate materials. Two heat beds are provided for ease of operations.

Less Noise.
More Impact.

The advanced motherboard and TMC 2209 drivers add so much power to the printer with admirably low noise.

More Reasons to Choose JRD

Works at your speed.

Traditional prototyping can take months. A good idea doesn’t have to wait for that much. With JRD Series, you can make the prototype within hours, speeding up the entire process. You can even print machine parts when needed, saving more time and providing flexibility.

Helps minimize wastage & cost.

Print your tools in-house or design products when needed. Save on the storage cost and money you pay to the third-party vendors. As the entire process only requires one machine, the cost and space of using different machines are saved. Minimum resources are consumed while making any design, helping avoid wastage. By printing materials in-house, transportation costs are saved along with a lot of time.

Makes work simple.

JRD Series printers can handle heavy-duty operations with ease. Being fully automatic, it doesn’t need regular monitoring. When you do need to check, use our web interface. The auto-bed leveling and auto bed compensation adjust the hotbed to give a precise finish. In case of electricity failures, the printer stops and resumes when the power is back.

Creates new opportunities.

Make changes on the fly. Test different ideas. Customize the product for your customers. Speed up your processes by customizing tools to ease operations. Make complex compositions in less time and quickly test prototypes to optimize the design. Create strong and lightweight parts and deliver efficiency.

Simple to use.
Fun to experiment with.

JRD Mini


Technology FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)
Type Cartesian Cartesian
Types of extruder Bowden extruder Bowden extruder
No. of extruders TWO TWO
Build Volume 200 x 200 x 200 mm3 300 x 300 x 300 mm3
Filament Diameter 1.75mm 1.75mm
Layer resolution 0.08 mm 0.08 mm
XYZ accuracy 0.1 mm 0.1 mm
Print head travel speed 180 mm/s 180 mm/s
Printing Speed 100 -130 mm/s 100 -130 mm/s
Build Plate Heated (Al ) build plate Heated (Al ) build plate
Build Plate Temperature Up to 150° Celsius Up to 150° Celsius
Materials PLA, ABS, ASA, PETG, PVA, Wood Filled, Nylon, HIPS, Carbon filled, PLA, ABS, ASA, PETG, PVA, Wood Filled, Nylon, HIPS, Carbon filled,
Nozzle diameters 0.2 to 1.2 mm (Std. nozzle provided 0.4 mm) 0.2 to 1.2 mm (Std. nozzle provided 0.4 mm)
No. of Nozzles TWO (Dual nozzle setup) TWO (Dual nozzle setup)
Nozzle Temperature 18° to 300 ° Celsius 18° to 300° Celsius
Connectivity Wi-Fi, USB and SD Card Wi-Fi, USB and SD Card
Display Touch screen Display Touch screen Display
Power Requirements
Input 100-240V,4A, 50-60Hz, 221 W max 100-240V,4A, 50-60Hz, 221 W max
Output 24V DC, 9.2A 24V DC, 9.2A
Supported OS Mac OS, Windows and Linux Mac OS, Windows and Linux
File types STL and OBJ STL and OBJ

Available in many different colors

Extremely Simple.

Highly Capable.

Plug the printer into a power source.​
Hit the start button.​
Send your 3D or CAD file to the printer ​
Prepare to be amazed.​


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